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Many Announcements at Intergeo!


Day 1 of Intergeo is over, but not without an abundance of new product and solution announcements from Trimble.

Here's a summary:

Trimble V10 Imaging Rover: An integrated camera system that precisely captures 360 degree digital panoramic images for visual documentation and measurement. The Trimble V10 Imaging Rover enables professionals in a broad range of industries—including survey, GIS, engineering, and oil & gas—to quickly capture rich, complete data of their surrounding environment. In the office, users can take measurements and create comprehensive deliverables using Trimble Business Center office software.

                                       TrimbleV10 app Geospatial Documentation 506 resized 600

Trimble R10 GNSS System Enhancements: Enhancements to the Trimble R10 include tilt-compensation technology, CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service support and updated field and office software, the R10 platform demonstrates Trimble's commitment to driving improved surveying productivity.

Trimble TX8 3D Laser Scanner: A time-of-flight based scanner that measures at 1 million points per second. The Trimble TX8 utilizes Lightning™ technology that delivers uncompromising performance in terms of range, accuracy and speed of measurement.

Trimble AX60: A versatile airborne LIDAR system that can be operated at up to 15,500 feet above ground level (AGL), which meets the requirements for aerial survey projects such as wide area mapping, corridor mapping and remote sensing. 

Trimble 4D Control version 5.2The new version of the deformation monitoring software delivers enhanced communications with the Trimble NetR9™ and new NetR9 Ti-M GNSS receiver, REF TEK seismic sensors and the Trimble S8 total station

Inpho version 5.6 processing software suite: Version 5.6 now includes the UASMaster module, which has been designed for the complete processing of data acquired by remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS/UAS).

Trimble RTX Mobile App: The Trimble RTX app enables the Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX post-processing service and the RangePoint™ RTX service activation portal to go mobile. The Trimble RTX app also offers a series of satellite utilities including a skyplot, information regarding satellite status, and signal-to-noise ratio graphs.

All of these new solutions are being shown on the Trimble booth at INTEREGO 2013. If you're there, make sure to stop by. Look out for more information on the blog or visit us on for more details.

Trimble Survey - 2012 Year in Review


2012 was a fun and exciting year for Trimble Survey.  We joined forces first with Gatewing and then with SketchUp, launched a groundbreaking new receiver with the Trimble R10, broke ground on a new campus and continued to provide surveyeors solutions from the field to the office.  Here is a look back at the highlights of 2012.

April 6thTrimble acquires Gatewing to Expand its Survey Solutions to Include Aerial Mapping.  Gatewing is a provider of lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for photogrammetry and rapid terrain mapping applications. The acquisition broadens Trimble’s industry-leading platforms for surveying solutions. 

gatewing.TRMB rgb resized 600

April 23rdTrimble’s Survey Software Improves Productivity for the Office and Field with Trimble Business Center version 2.70 and Trimble Access software version 2012.10.  The software is part of Trimble's portfolio of Connected Site® survey solutions. The new software enhancements allow surveyors to collect, share and deliver data faster to improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity. 

April 26thTrimble Enhances it’s Office-to-Field Platform with the Acquisition of Google’s SketchUp 3D Modeling Platform. SketchUp is currently used by millions of users annually—ranging from architects to engineering and construction firms to building and design professionals—for designing, modeling and visualizing projects. 

SketchUp Logo resized 600

May 14thTrimble Broke Ground for New Rockies Colorado Campus. Trimble's new Rockies campus will be a 125,000 sq. ft., 4-story building on 15 acres in the Westmoor area of the City of Westminster, located at 10368 Westmoor Drive. It will house existing employees, with space to accommodate up to 570 employees. The expected completion is May 2013. 

Aug 31stTrimble and FARO Sign OEM and Distribution Agreement for 3D Laser Scanners. Under the agreement, FARO will provide Trimble with an OEM differentiated product based upon its successful FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D platform. Trimble will offer the OEM product throughout its worldwide survey and building construction distribution networks, serving the needs of surveyors, contractors, engineers and geospatial professionals. As part of the strategic relationship, future versions of the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D platform will also be made available to Trimble.

Oct 9thTrimble Introduces Next Generation GNSS Surveying Solution with the Trimble R10.  As the smallest and lightest receiver in its class, the Trimble R10 combines powerful features and groundbreaking technologies including Trimble HD-GNSS, Trimble SurePoint™, Trimble 360, and Trimble xFill™ to provide surveyors increased productivity. User-friendly features such as a quick-release adaptor and the ability to configure the receiver from a smart phone make it easy to deploy and use as a base station or rover. 

r10 solutions 728x90 resized 600

Oct 9thTrimble Introduces Next Generation Software for Unmanned Aerial Systems including Trimble Gatewing Data.  It features the ability to automatically create an Inpho project from Trimble Gatewing data. As a result, UAS users, particularly Trimble Gatewing customers, will gain access to the high-quality photogrammetric processing that Inpho has offered within aerial survey for more than three decades.

X100 resized 600

Oct 9thTrimble Introduces Trimble TX5 Laser Scanner and New Version of Trimble RealWorks Version 7.2 Software.  The Trimble TX5 is a highly versatile 3D laser scanning solution for surveyors, building construction and civil contractors, performing a variety of applications such as capturing existing condition information, retrofit/revamp projects, architectural redesign, clash inspections and design/as-built comparisons. 

Nov 5thTrimble Adds Post-Processing Capability to CenterPoint RTX Positioning Services.  The new post-processing capability delivers better than one-centimeter accuracy and is available worldwide.

Nov 5thTrimble Expands RTX Satellite Coverage Enabling Trimble xFill for Surveyors.  RTX technology enables Trimble xFill, a new technique in RTK and VRS surveying that allows surveyors to continue working in the event the primary RTK or VRS correction stream is not available.  The expanded satellite coverage now includes most of Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Trimble Dimensions 2012 Wraps Up


Trimble Dimensions 2012, the sixth Trimble Dimensions conference, is all wrapped up and it was quite the event. Over 3,500 attendees from over 80 countries gathered in Las Vegas to see the latest from Trimble, including the Trimble R10, Trimble TX5, Trimble GEDO Scan System, and more. Attendees had the opportunity to network with key industry leaders, build partnerships, develop new contacts, discuss opportunities and discover how to overcome obstacles in today’s competitive business environment. With more than 480 sessions, the conference focused on increasing productivity in the field and the office by revolutionizing work processes.

Steve Berglund opened the conference on Monday in which he discussed the evolution of Trimble, a company that has grown to become a broad technology provider being driven by customers and the market. Berglund further elaborated on the theme of this year’s Trimble Dimensions, “Transform the Way the World Works;” the core goal of the conference is to bring users together to share how new developments, strategies, and solutions are making the job site more efficient. At the core of Trimble technology is the Trimble Connected Site seeking to bring workers and their processes together to result in greater productivity. He outlined the key trends shaping the industry today, which included: sensors, processing power, data storage, cloud computing and 3D modeling. Berglund emphasized the period of change among us and affirmed the industry as a whole must continue to radically improve the way in which we do business.


                    549045 10152231343090161 148249767 n 

The Trimble Booth and Partner Pavilion also opened at 12 PM Monday. Several solution areas, including a cityscape, mining area, and rail/tunnel showed how Trimble’s products integrate and work together to form a complete solution in these industries. An attendee tweeted, “Reading about disparate pieces of technology is one thing, seeing them work together in the field is quite another.” Immediately upon walking into the hall, attendees were greeted by a Gatewing X100 flying overhead (almost to the point to where you thought you might lose your head!). Gatewing, recently acquired this year, made its debut at the conference as well as SketchUp, also acquired this year, OmniSTAR, acquired last year, and several of the other Trimble companies. Available on the floor was a plethora of staff available and ready to answer attendee questions.

                    IMG 0071

Over 400 sessions were presented further showing the applications of Trimble technology and developments in the industry. Several presentations had striking significance and relevance to situations we are facing today. In response to a session on how Trimble technology was used in the aftermath of last year’s Christchurch, NZ earthquakes @spar_editor tweeted “Sandy impact area has lot to learn from Christchurch rebuild effort. Impressive private sector collaboration.” Offsite computer lab sessions provided attendees with hands-on lessons on using SketchUp, Trimble Business Center Basic and Trimble Business Center Advanced, leaving them to take away not only knowledge of Trimble solutions but also skill in using them.

Monday evening was a night of “bonding” –the Trimble Dimensions Partner Pavilion was transformed into a James Bond themed reception for attendees and staff to gather together, network, explore the Trimble booth, and enjoy great food.

The conference also provided a platform for a plethora of announcements from Trimble, including:

  • Expansion of Trimble CenterPoint RTX and Trimble xFill technologies into Europe, Australasia, Africa, and Asia.
  • A strategic alliance formed between Trimble and Bentley Enable Intelligent Positioning for Large Infrastructure Project Sites
  • The Trimble GEDO Scan System, which streamlines track documentation and clearance scanning for railway tunnels, platforms and assets to improve safety
  • The addition of post-processing capability for the Trimble® CenterPoint™ RTX positioning service
  • A number of Construction announcements

A hot item on the showroom floor was obviously the Trimble R10 GNSS System. Just announced in October, this was the first opportunity many customers had to get their hands on the Trimble R10 and those customers who did, proudly displayed a button that said “I Experienced the Trimble R10.” Hands-on demos were provided in the Outdoor Pavilion. The Trimble xFill capability has been deemed a game changer and its geographic coverage expansion generated excitement particularly for customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia.


Tuesday’s keynote brought in Danny Forster, host of the television show “Build It Bigger,” while Wednesday’s keynote was Steve Farber, president of the Extreme Leadership Institute and author of “Greater than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson in Leadership.” Farber evoked thought in the audience as he made the statement "Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do."

The conference closed Wednesday evening with a stunning gala dinner and equally entertaining Cirque du Soleil-esque performance. Trimble Globe centerpieces made of ice lit up each dinner table and attendees spent the evening reflecting over the past three days and what they had seen. Bryn Fosburgh, Trimble Vice President, closed the event thanking attendees for coming.

Overall, it was a not-to-be-missed event; already suffering from Trimble Dimensions withdrawal, attendees are already making plans to attend the seventh Trimble Dimensions user conference, expected to occur in 2014. Did you attend? What did you think of the event?

Have you experienced the Trimble R10?


Attendees will notice Trimble Survey staff members wearing these cool Trimble R10 buttons! If you're at Trimble Dimensions, this is the chance to get your hands on a Trimble R10 GNSS receiver and try it out.  We have several in the oudoor Partner Pavilion. Then, after you've experienced the Trimble R10, we'll give you a pin of your own so you can proudly display "I Experienced the New Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver."

R10 Button

News from Dimensions 2012: Trimble xFill Coverage Expanded


Good morning! Trimble Dimensions just kicked off this morning with a keynote from Steve Berglund (an overview of his presentation coming soon) and a plethora of press releases from Trimble.

One of the most exciting pieces of news for Survey customers is the expansion of Trimble RTX technology, which enables Trimble xFill in the recently announced Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver. The expanded coverage includes most of Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Africa, Asia, and Australasia as well as most of North and South America.

describe the image

Powered by Trimble RTX technology, Trimble xFill, a feature integrated into the Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver, enables a new and innovative technique in RTK surveying. It seamlessly 'fills in' for RTK or VRS corrections for up to five minutes in the event of a temporary connection outage with the primary connection source.

Trimble xFill and the Trimble R10 provide an extreme advantage for surveyors by enabling higher productivityfor field survey crews, allowing them to continue working until radio or cellular connectivity is restored.

Some individuals have referred to Trimble xFill as a gamechanger for the industry. What do you think?

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