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Have you seen the new Trimble V10?


Last year, all of the buzz at Intergeo was about the new Trimble R10 GNSS System. While that solution has been updated this year to include tilt compensation and CenterPoint RTX correction service support, much of the buzz this year is about the new Trimble V10 Imaging Rover, which works with the Trimble R10.

The Trimble V10 Imaging Rover with Trimble VISION™ technology is an integrated camera system that precisely captures 360 degree digital panoramas for efficient visual documentation and measurement of the surrounding environment. Either standalone or combined with a Trimble VX™ Spatial Station, S-Series Robotic Total Station or Trimble R10 GNSS receiver, the Trimble V10 Imaging Rover provides the means to quickly capture rich data and create comprehensive deliverables. Together with Trimble Access™ field software on the Trimble Tablet Rugged PC and Trimble Business Center office software, the Trimble V10 is the complete geospatial solution.

 V10 with R10


Key Features: 

  • 12 calibrated cameras capture 60 MP panorama for full site visualization

  • Generate Survey, GIS or mapping accuracy positions from images

  • Rapid data collection with one-button capture of panoramas

  • Familiar, easy-to-use workflows in Trimble Access field software

  • Seamless integration with the Trimble R10 GNSS receiver or Trimble VISION total stations

  • Flexible, simple processing in Trimble Business Center to generate deliverable


 V10 with prism

With all of the buzz about the V10, don't forget about Trimble Business Center! Use the enhanced photo point measurement functionality in Trimble Business Center to measure and create points, lines, polygons and other imaging components which can be used to prepare rich deliverables for GIS, engineering and survey applications. Both automated and manual processes are available for data processing resulting in greater user control while integrated quality control features that also speed up office processing times for increased efficiency.

As a completely new solution, many people wonder how it can be used. Here are some ideas:

  • Geospatial Documentation: The Trimble V10 provides urban planners, GIS professionals, asset managers and other geospatial professionals with the means to capture images in the field and build a clean, comprehensive dataset back in the office.
  • Survey: Unlocks a whole new workflow to complete traditional survey work such as design surveys. with the Trimble V10, the job starts with capturing panoramas of the site, something now easily accomplished with Trimble VISION at the rod. The panoramas are then used to create positions for standard survey features in Trimble Business Center.
  • Oil & Gas: Features in oil and gas facilities, such as pipe racks, valves, and  flanges, can often be difficult or time consuming to accurately capture in 3d using traditional methods. The Trimble V10 offers a solution to this challenge by enabling these professionals to take a picture, complete with details and georeferenced positions, of these objects quickly. Not only are all of the features captured, but  you also can provide a new deliverable to the client.
  • Site Visualization: The ability  to see an entire project location, job site or area of interest AND measure its spatial relationship is critical. Whether for project planning, inspections or investigations, the V10 provides a previously unavailable visualization capability. More importantly, not only can you visualize the site, you can measure it.

To learn more, watch the video below or visit: Then let us know, what applications do you see for the V10?

Many Announcements at Intergeo!


Day 1 of Intergeo is over, but not without an abundance of new product and solution announcements from Trimble.

Here's a summary:

Trimble V10 Imaging Rover: An integrated camera system that precisely captures 360 degree digital panoramic images for visual documentation and measurement. The Trimble V10 Imaging Rover enables professionals in a broad range of industries—including survey, GIS, engineering, and oil & gas—to quickly capture rich, complete data of their surrounding environment. In the office, users can take measurements and create comprehensive deliverables using Trimble Business Center office software.

                                       TrimbleV10 app Geospatial Documentation 506 resized 600

Trimble R10 GNSS System Enhancements: Enhancements to the Trimble R10 include tilt-compensation technology, CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service support and updated field and office software, the R10 platform demonstrates Trimble's commitment to driving improved surveying productivity.

Trimble TX8 3D Laser Scanner: A time-of-flight based scanner that measures at 1 million points per second. The Trimble TX8 utilizes Lightning™ technology that delivers uncompromising performance in terms of range, accuracy and speed of measurement.

Trimble AX60: A versatile airborne LIDAR system that can be operated at up to 15,500 feet above ground level (AGL), which meets the requirements for aerial survey projects such as wide area mapping, corridor mapping and remote sensing. 

Trimble 4D Control version 5.2The new version of the deformation monitoring software delivers enhanced communications with the Trimble NetR9™ and new NetR9 Ti-M GNSS receiver, REF TEK seismic sensors and the Trimble S8 total station

Inpho version 5.6 processing software suite: Version 5.6 now includes the UASMaster module, which has been designed for the complete processing of data acquired by remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS/UAS).

Trimble RTX Mobile App: The Trimble RTX app enables the Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX post-processing service and the RangePoint™ RTX service activation portal to go mobile. The Trimble RTX app also offers a series of satellite utilities including a skyplot, information regarding satellite status, and signal-to-noise ratio graphs.

All of these new solutions are being shown on the Trimble booth at INTEREGO 2013. If you're there, make sure to stop by. Look out for more information on the blog or visit us on for more details.

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